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Outdoor Blinds To Elevate Your Outdoor Area by CPR Outdoor

Outdoor Blinds are a wonderful asset to your patio providing shade and weather protection to your patio area. Patio / Outdoor Blinds can turn your exposed patio into a beautiful outdoor room that you can use all year round.

Outdoor Blinds are a great investment for your property giving your outdoor area privacy, without sacrificing your view. Keeping those annoying insects away from your patio area, along with shielding you from the natural elements like harsh sun rays and rain from storms.

Outdoor Blinds are a popular choice for many home and business owners to add style, protection and value to their properties.

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Protecta Blinds

The Protecta Blind is an Australian made blind that’s built for durability. It’s a fantastic way to extend your outdoor area, by creating additional rooms and private areas. With many options to choose from, it can be difficult to decide which blinds to purchase. The team here at CPR Outdoor are here to help you make that decision easier.

The Protecta Blind is a great option for your outdoor area. It can be installed up to 5.8m max in width – giving you a wide area to be protected from the weather and those pesky insects.

Rain, hail or shine, you can be sure you’re fully protected during those harsh weather moments, as these blinds have been tested to withstand one minute wind gusts of up to 277 KM/H!

Protecta Deep Channel

The Protecta Deep Channel offers the same stylish look and functions of the Protecta Blind system, without the wind resistance technology.

It uses a fully aluminium extrusion system, and is available in both central locking bottom rails, and weighted bottom rails.

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Outdoor Blinds by CPR Outdoor

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Protection, Style and Great Value

Outdoor Blinds Protects from Wind, Sun, Rain & Insects

Protecta HD Channel

Protecta also offers a Heavy Duty version of their standard blind. The HD Channel can cover wide external openings up to 5.8m wide and 3.6m high – which makes it an excellent choice for your patio, deck, or business.

The Protecta HD Channel also offers an optional UV stabilized weather strip for the bottom rail, that prevents drafts and moisture when the awning is down.

All components are corrosion resistant, which makes it the perfect option if you live close to the coast.

CPR Outdoor Blinds
Protecta Blinds

Outdoor Blinds Perfect for Your Needs

Protecta Screen Fabric

The Protecta Screen Fabric offers excellent sun and glare protection, while still having great outward visibility. It offers a mid to high level of privacy from the outside during the day.

This fabric is salt resistant and made from fully marine grade quality aluminium. That plus a 10 year fabric warranty, it’s the go to choice for many!

Customisation Options

There are 3 different operating options for Protecta Blinds, fully motorised, gearbox, and spring. Along with these options, the Protecta Blinds can either have a weighted bottom rail, or a fully lockable bottom rail. This means you can customise the blinds to suit your needs.
With Protecta, you get access to countless customization options. You can choose between full hooding, half hooding or no hooding on your headbox. Not just functional, but stylish too.

With multiple colours to choose from across the entire range for not only the framing, but the screen fabric too – you won’t be short of choices!

With a 10 year fabric warranty, and a 5 year hardware warranty, the Protecta Blinds range is a great choice for your outdoor living.

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