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Patios come in all shapes and sizes here at CPR Outdoor Bunbury & CPR Outdoor Busselton we have the right one for you.

Need Patios in Bunbury to create a great alfresco area for your home?  Patios in Busselton, South West area built and designed for your needs?

The team at CPR Outdoor offers complete customer service in a friendly professional manner. We keep you informed at every stage along the way in the building process for your new patio and address any questions or concerns you might have.

We only use BlueScope steel to ensure the highest quality possible for your new patio. Superior finish is guaranteed with your choice of colour from our Colorbond range of powder coats.

All framework on your patio is welded to the highest standards in the industry ensuring strength, longevity and peace of mind for your new patio.

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Gable Roof Patio with window

Flat Skillion Roofed Patio

Flat / Skillion Roof Patios

A Flat patio or a Skillion Roofed Patio is a patio which can be joined to your house or freestanding, with a fall of approximately 3 degrees falling away from your house. Flat roofs can also be built with a sleeper slope to suit your situation.

These types of patios are a popular style as they can be attached to homes of any age, and can be made to blend into any outdoor area. Great to double as a carport, caravan or boat cover.

Your Flat Patio can have either roof sheeting materials such as Colorbond sheeting, Polycarbonate or a combination of both.

See our gallery for more Flat/Skillion Roof examples.

Gable Patios

A Gable Patio is a style of patio that has two pitched sides joined in the middle. The Gable Patio can be attached to your home or freestanding. The pitch of the Gable Patio can be designed to match the pitch of your roof or the normally recommended pitch of 20 degrees.

A Gable Patio is a great addition to your outdoor living area which can be freestanding or attached to your home. Providing better ventilation and dispersing hot air more efficiently. The size of the gable can also be varied to suit your outdoor area.

Your Gable Patio can be fitted with roof sheeting materials such as Colorbond sheeting, Polycarbonate or a combination of both. Infills can be installed at either end of the gable patio reducing incoming weather and are available in a variety of materials.

Gable Patios come in many different styles.

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Gable Patio by CPR Outdoor

Dutch Gable Patios

The Dutch gable roof is a combination of hipped and gable roof style roof.

The gable section of the roof is at the top of the hip section of the roof, giving the best of both designs. The gable giving the pitch and the hip extends the low slope.

Dome Patio by CPR Outdoor

Dome Patios

Dome patios are a contemporary modern alternative that offers the flexibility to be designed to complement your home and individual taste.

The dome shape can be designed with a low profile and gradual curve to a spectacular high profile dome your dome patio roof sheeting materials are available in Colorbond sheeting, polycarbonate or a combination of both.

Infills are available for each end of your dome patio if you required. The sheeting material can be the same as the roof, polycarbonate or with a lattice to fill the end creating a private and protected space. There are many different styles of Dome patios – Let CPR Outdoor design one just for you.

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Custom Designed Patios

Custom Patios are a combination of designs, two/three gable patios joined (which is called a wave gable patio) or two/three dome patios together.

You can even join a flat patio onto the side of a gable or a dome for a different look to your home. The choices are endless, a saw-tooth gable patio, split dome or even a Dutch gable – the choice is yours.

See our gallery for more Custom Design examples.

Saw Tooth Gable Patio

Call us here at CPR Outdoor today for patios Bunbury, Busselton and The South West; discuss your needs, and we will give you an obligation free quote.