Will I Need A Building Permit for A Storage Shed?

Shed with overhang horizontal Trim-dek

Choosing to have a storage shed built is a great decision to be made and you need to make sure you have the correct approvals and permits from the relevant shire or council in your area. When it comes to council approvals there could be a restrictions on size and location of where your shed can be built, depending on the area you live in.

Please check with your relevant authority or your shed builder before proceeding, building without the correct permits could be heart breaking when you are made to remove it later.

Reasons for Permit Approvals

  • Electricity & Gas
  • Business Use
  • Local Codes
  • Size and Height
  • Covenants

Electricity & Gas

Inside shed

If your shed is going to need wiring for electricity or fittings for gas installations you will need to source permits for your shed.

Business Use

Using the shed for conducting a business or living area is classified in a zoning area and will require to be inspected and permitted through for council approval.

Local Codes

Depending on how close a shed will be built to fences, trees, properties or other buildings may require approval and zoning and there may not allow for extensions from homes and buildings.

Size, Height and Foundations

When building a shed there could be height and size restrictions and with this the right shed foundation needs to be sorted before the build is going to commence. Drainage of the shed needs to be allowed to minimise water or moisture collecting into the shed space.


Certain areas could have restrictions on outdoor buildings of sheds, best to source and community rules prior to purchasing your shed.

Build your shed right the first time

Shed by CPR

When knowledge and expertise is what you are after when it comes to supplying and installing your shed contact the team at CPR Outdoor Centre. Permits, engineer drawings and all other paper work can be sorted for you for the appropriate places. For a free quote, contact CPR Outdoor Centre Bunbury on 9726 2311 or CPR Outdoor Centre Busselton on 9754 2657.