Why should use Colorbond steel patio instead of a timber on your patio?

gable (13)Here are 7 great reasons why Colorbond Steel patios make great alternative to timber patios:

  1. Great looking
  2. Quick to install
  3. Very durable
  4. Doesn’t need to be painted
  5. Don’t need termite treatments
  6. Steel is lighter than wood
  7. Low maintenance

Great looking

Colorbond Steel patios are more elegant look than a timber patio. Steel is an ideal material for patios, modern, long lasting, perfect for the Aussie climate.

Quick to install

Save time with Colorbond Steel patios as they are very easy to install. By simply following the manufacturer’s instruction, you can have a DIY option and install it quickly yourself with a few mates. Install it by yourself and appreciate your work with our handy steel made to fit your standards. Opting for the fully installed patio will be even quicker and so easy for you.

Very durable

Want to keep your patio in great nick for years to come? Buy Colorbond Steel patio at CPR Outdoor Centre are guaranteed, strong and long lasting. Perfect for your to enjoy long after they have left home. Colorbond Steel patios are your ideal patio in tight budget as they don’t easily get damaged and need only minor maintenance over the years.

Steel doesn’t need to be painted

Choose your favourite colour with our large range of steel options. No need to paint as they come in a variety of colours you can match with your theme and décor.

Don’t need termite treatments

Colorbond won’t rot or be damaged by termites like timber can. Colorbond also doesn’t burn so you are rest assured your patio is fire resistant.

Steel is lighter than wood

Steel provides lesser load on your patio roofing and house than woods. Woods can get heavier when it gets wet with rain. Unlike woods, steel maintains its weight whether it’s raining or not as they it doesn’t absorb water.

Low maintenance

Steel requires only minimal ongoing maintenance to maintain its tiptop condition. A simple dusting and wiping can already clean all the surfaces of the patio. Just make sure to clean it regularly to prevent build-up of dirt.

Why should I choose a Colorbond steel patio instead of a timber patio?

Choose Colorbond Steel patio for 7 great reasons and enjoy a worry free patio for years.

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