Why Should I Choose COLORBOND® Steel For My Shed

Shed GreyCOLORBOND® steel is of lightweight material, easy to maintain that will give you a variety of designs to choose from so that you can have a customised built shed for your requirements.

When you are choosing your shed supplier, it is important to check that the design of your shed will meet the National Construction Code (NCC) of Australian Standards. Shed suppliers should also be accredited with Shedsafe a scheme managed by the Australian Steel Institute.

BlueScope Steel has an assessment program for COLORBOND® Steel this includes the different pitches, profiles and product types.

Why COLORBOND® Is the Choice

  • Australian Conditions
  • Fire Protection
  • Energy Efficient
  • Warranty

Australian Conditions

ShedWeather conditions vary throughout the year from summer, autumn, winter and spring so it is important that the materials used can withstand all the elements that mother nature challenges it with. COLORBOND® gives the guarantee because it has been through corrosion, durability testing on a wide range of buildings.

Fire Protection

If the constructed shed is going to be built in a bush fire prone area COLORBOND® may be able to help with the protection to your property. CSIRO has investigated and tested a variety of boundary fencing in bushfires and steel came out the strongest and performed the best.

Energy Efficient

COLORBOND® has a solar reflective coating in some of their colour range and a coating  product called Thermatech® is another great way for solar reflective technology. Having this product will help reduce the power use of an air conditioner with the reduction of heat stress to the roof.

Shed by CPRWarranty

The warranty system gives the builders and installers a pre approved warranty and then creating an online account to activate the warranty. It is a good idea to check this with the builder before commencing any work.

Speak to The Professionals When You Want Your Shed Built

CPR Outdoor Centre have a variety of options for you to choose from with design, colour and the type of shed you need. Council paperwork, and all applications are sorted for you making the process so much easier. Contact the team at CPR Outdoor Centre for your free quote today at Bunbury 9726 2311 or Busselton 9754 2657.