Why choose a detached garage for your home?

Garages built by CPR Outdoor CentreYour car needs a garage for safety purposes. A garage is a perfect place to house your car and can also offer a sheltered storage space to store some of your belongings at home. It can be an old bicycle you don’t use anymore or gardening tools that need to be easily accessed.Undeniably, a garage is an important addition to your home.

What type of garage is right for you?

Now, you are faced with the real problem – what type of garage should you go for? There are two types of garages – detached and attached. Both are a good option but there are instances when a detached garage would make a better option.

It includes:

You have a bigger space

Does your home have a lot of space available? If so, a detached garage would be perfect. Most detached garages require a bigger space – giving you the option to build a bigger garage.

Convert it into a living space

Should you have plans of making your garage into a living space? Then you would be looking at a detached garage.You can make it look like an extension of your home or you can use it for storage. Either way there’s no need to worry. With four walls and a door, your possessions will be safe and protected. Check with your local council in regards to the bylaws first when planning this option.

You need a bigger garage

Do you need to store two or more cars? You can design a bigger garage without having to compromise your indoor living,which would most likely be the case if you were to choose an attached garage.

Why choose a detached garage for your home?

Whether it’s an attached or detached garage, contact CPR Outdoor Centre. We offer garage installation and we also guarantee you a garage that complies with the building codes and local building regulations. Ring us today for a free measure and quote.