Why are my patio gutters overflowing?

hip (7)Wondering why your patio gutters are overflowing? Here are some answers to your questions; 5 reasons why gutters overflow.

  1. Wrong type of gutters
  2. Block gutters
  3. A massive amount of rain at once
  4. Not enough downpipes
  5. Downpipes in the wrong location

Wrong type of gutters

There are a wide variety of gutter materials, sizes, styles, and gauges which have their own benefits and drawbacks. But choosing the wrong one can be your nightmare.

Make sure your gutters are Australian made to ensure they can last longer time perfect to save you money. Choose the most durable gutter you can afford. It is best to talk with your contractor or hardware store to know your roof size and width of the gutter that will fit your house. You also need to consider how many and where the downpipes are too so they can service your gutters.

Block gutters

Blockage is the most common cause of overflowing. Regularly empty the gutters to prevent blockage mostly due to a build-up of leaves, seeds, dirt that fell from nearby trees or been blown in.

A massive amount of rain at once

During heavy rain the gutters will catch most of the downpour flowing from the roofs. Gutters overflow due to massive load of water that it just can’t get to the downpipes quick enough to cope with the massive amount of water all at once.

Not enough downpipes

Make sure you have downpipes with exact sizes to fit the gutters. Rainwater exits the gutter and falls to ground level by downpipe so it is required to have enough downpipes to prevent overflowing of rainwater from your gutters.

Downpipes in the wrong location

Position your downpipes in the right place to be able to remove the water from your roof fast enough in a heavy shower of rain. Place your downpipes a few inches under the edge of the gutters to assure water will flow exactly down the pipes.

Why are my patio gutters overflowing?

Most likely one of the 5 reasons listed above. If you need professional help with your patio call
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