Which Direction Should My Shed Face?

Sheds are a great addition to your home. In Bunbury and the South West, there are plenty of diverse ways to construct a shed that works for your property or yard (with council approval.) When constructing your shed there are many things to think about such as the number of windows, insultation, ventilation and security measures. You also need to think about which direction is appropriate for your shed to face.

  • North Facing Sheds
  • South Facing Sheds
  • East or West Facing Sheds

North Facing Sheds

If your shed faces north, chances are that it will collect more sunlight than the other directions.

A north-facing shed will nearly always have direct sunlight meaning in the warmer months it will get hotter. This can be a benefit or a downside depending on how hot it reaches in your suburb. If you are looking for an abundance of light, a north-facing shed will always have a decent amount of light coming in. A well-lit shed can be beneficial if you are doing anything inside it.

South Facing Sheds

A south-facing shed gives you the added benefit of making sure that the sun is not beaming directly in, depending on window placement. South-facing sheds are also great for the warmer climate in Bunbury and the South West, as it will be cooler during the day. With sheds that face south, its beneficial to speak to an expert about window placement to maximise the use of light and sun.

East or West Facing Sheds

CPR shed Mid ConstructionSheds that face to the east are popular choices. An east or west facing shed lacks the extremities of north and south with sunlight, leaving you with some morning sunlight but little direct sunlight that could bother you while you are working.

When choosing the best direction to face your shed, you should also consider that often bad weather comes in from the west.

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