Where on My Property Should I Build a Garage?

Garages built by CPR Outdoor CentreWhile most homes with a garage choose to have it attached to an entry point to their home, those with properties generally have more room therefore more options of where to build a garage. A garage on a property may also be used for a different purpose to that attached to a home. A garage on a property may be used as a place to store large vehicles such as trucks or tractors or may be built for the purpose of being a workshop or an extra storage space. 

While there are many factors to consider when deciding where on your property to build a garage, read on to learn 3 points to consider including:

  • Size
  • Access
  • Boundaries and Permits


The size of your garage, including the height, width and length, may be a deciding factor on where you can build a garage on your property. When choosing which size is best for you, it’s purpose will normally be a deciding factor. Once a garage is built, it’s a permanent fixture therefore many property owners choose a garage that is larger to ensure there is more than sufficient room for it to serve its purpose.


Garage by CPRWhen choosing the best location for your garage, it’s important to consider ease of access to other areas on your property. If there is a home on your property, will you need easy access from your garage to your home? If your garage is being used to store large vehicles, will your garage need to be located near a driveway? If being used as a workshop, will your garage need to be in a location where noise won’t cause a disturbance? These are just a few factors to consider.

Boundaries and Permits

It is important to do your research and know what is and isn’t permitted in terms of boundaries and permits. This includes how close to any neighbouring boundary lines a garage can be plus legislation around build permits required. Before building can commence, most building work requires a building permit. Check with your local council for legislation in your area.

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