Where is the best location for my carport?

CarportWorried about your car’s protection – especially at night? If you don’t have a garage yet, chances are, you park your car along the street at night. However, this exposes your car to a lot of risks – theft, vandalism to name just a few. If you want to keep your car protected yet, don’t have enough budget to build a garage, install a carport.

Carports offers protection

A carport functions pretty much like a garage as it provides protection for your car, but they differ in structure. While a garage is a closed structure with walls like that of a room, a carport doesn’t have walls but has a roof overhead. It can protect your car against heavy rain, too much sunlight and other weather elements which might cause damage.

Don’t worry about theft and vandalism because a carport, despite having no walls, is usually erected right beside your home. So it is more secure rather than leaving your car out in the street. It also means that your carport is inside your fence. Therefore, anyone caught inside your carport can be up for trespassing.

So, with this in mind, you start to wonder where you can position your carport. Where should you build it? Right or left? Is it fine to build it behind your house?

CPR carportWhere is the best location for carport?

The answer to your question may vary from one homeowner to another. You can build your carport anywhere you like just as long as you make sure that the area is level and flat. The surface should be conducive enough to build a structure that requires a smooth surface such as your carport.

Need to build a carport?

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