Where can I buy a poly rainwater tank in Bunbury?

Rainwater Tank available at CPR Outdoor Bunbury and BusseltonAre you looking to buy rainwater tank in Bunbury but not sure where?

CPR Outdoor Centre have got the poly tank you’re looking for. Buy poly rainwater tank here and save rainwaterto flush your toilet, wash your car, and water your pot plant to save you money and the environment.

Reasons to buy poly rainwater tank from CPR Outdoor Centre are:

  1. Affordability
  2. Durability
  3. High quality
  4. Australian made


Save money with our very affordable range of rainwater tanks. We offer a range of sizes shapes and colours for you to choose from.Reduce your bills by catching the downpour from the roof of your home or shed.


Poly rainwater tanks are a durable food grade rainwater tanks perfect to last long term use. Please check your council regulations before collecting rainwater to use as drinking water.

High quality

Looking for high quality rainwater tank? We guarantee you high quality tanks great for outdoor uses. See our range of rainwater tanks and choose your favourite colour, plus we have different sizes from small under water tanks to much larger backyard tanks that can even match your fence colour.

Australian made

Purchase rainwater tank at CPR Outdoor Centre as we sell Western Australian made tanks perfect for our local conditions here in WA.

Buy locally made products and you will not only be helping our economy but saving yourself time and money knowing you have a quality product at a reasonable price.

Where can I buy a poly rainwater tank in Bunbury?

CPR Outdoor Centre is your best choice of place to buy poly rainwater tank.

Need help installing your tank? Contact us on 08 9726 2311 to set a schedule for installation. We also offer DIY kits and installation services on patio, carports, and sheds. Ring us today to discuss with your needs.