Where can I buy a free standing carport in Bunbury?

Carports to suit every Garden by CPR OutdoorDo you need a place to store your car?

Somewhere out of the summer heat and the winter chill? 

A free standing carport might just be the thing for you.

First of all, what is a free standing carport?

A free standing carport is not attached to your home or any other structure, which allows easy, affordable installation and flexible design options. It protects your car from the elements, preventing sun and hail damage. A carport can also protect your car’s paintwork from being damaged from general debris, tree sap and leaves, bird droppings etc.

There are a large range of carports stylesavailable to suit your different requirements, ranging from a simple, open roof only design to a completely enclosed structure with extra storage space.

What are the benefits of a free standing carport?

  • An economicaland effective way to protect your car from the elements
  • Can be located anywhere on your property
  • Range of styles to suit requirements
  • Enhance the appearance and increase the value of your home or property
  • No longer have to worry about icy windscreens on frosty mornings or unpacking your car in the rain.
  • More complex arrangements can include entertainment areas or extra storage space as options.

Where can I buy a free standing carport in Bunbury?

At CPR Outdoor Centre, of course!

CPR Outdoor Centre are located in Bunbury and Busselton and cover areas south of Harvey through to Margaret River and Augusta. We can build you a carport, patio, garage or shed that will suit your needs perfectly. Call CPR Outdoor Centrein Bunbury on 9726 2311 or Busselton on 9754 2657 for a free onsite quote.