What’s the difference between a garage and a carport?

A garage and a carport are both an important addition to your home that allows you to keep your vehicles out of the weather. Both garages and carport are efficient and functional on their own way.

The main difference is in the construction of these two structures.

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Garages are enclosed and have walls and doors. The can be either attached to your home or as a free standing structure. While some garages are located in the front side to make it easier to get in or out of the car you may prefer to build it at the back of your home if you have a room. With a garage, not only is your car out of the weather but you can also lock your garage door and you can be ensured of your car’s safety from unwanted visitors.


Carports to suit every Garden by CPR OutdoorA carport is a semi covered structured designed to store your car. They are open from at least two sides. It’s a most cost effective way to provide protection for your car against outdoor elements such as rain, heat and wind. A carport is much easier to construct and cost less compared to a garage. Carports can be attached to your home or free standing.

Whether you are installing a garage or a carport, the most important thing to remember is to keep your car safe and protected. Your car is an important investment and needs to be looked after to get the beat value from it.

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