What’s the best way to clean a patio?

Dome-10Is your patio looking dirty? Your patio is exposed to the elements, the window blows in bringing dust, dirt, leaves and grime. It’s not a surprise that it can get untidy and dirty over time. The best way to keep your patio clean is to do a regular cleaning, plus a yearly checkup for any anything that is damaged.

Cleaning your patio is important especially during the winter months to keep your patio in the best conditions so that when the sun is out you can enjoy every minute.

Patio cleaning

Clean your patio to make it look beautiful, so you can enjoy it in all weather conditions.

Follow this step by step guide to clean your patio.

  • Clear out – move everything including your furniture before you start cleaning.
  • Sweep – use a broom to sweep your patio to make it clean and to get rid of dirt and leaves from the floor.
  • Weed – get rid of the weeds. If there are surviving weeds from the winter season, pull them out or pour boiling water over the really stubborn one.
  • Use a cleaner. Use warm water and detergent to give the floor a really good clean.
  • Rinse – once you have scrubbed your patio, rinse it with clean water.
  • Pressure cleaners are great for patio floors.

What’s the best way to clean a patio?

There you go, nice and clean.

Dust off your furniture and give it a good clean before putting it back in your patio.

Don’t forget to dry your patio first before you move furniture back. Now, your patio is clean, ready for some partying.

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