What’s in a rainwater tank?

Rainwater Tank Large Round available at CPR Outdoor Bunbury and BusseltonThe season has changed and the rain is coming, are you ready?

If you need a good supply of water, or just to top up your existing supplies wouldn’t it great to catch and store some of the rain before it falls on the ground and run away?

The importance of rainwater tank

Australia is one of the driest continents and we what to be the smart country so let’s start acting like it by collecting rain water. Installing a rainwater tank at home means:

  • Rainwater can be stored for later use.
  • You can use it to water your plants especially pot plants on your patio that need water all year round even when it is raining
  • Wash your car
  • Flush your toilet
  • Fill your washing machine

There are many things that still require water even when it is rain. With rainwater tank filled with rainwater, you can save a lot of water and use it as needed.

Make use of rainwater tank all year round

Flushing your toilet and filling your washing machine is a perfect way to save money this winter.

This winter you will be able to reuse you rain water and then watch you tank refill as it rains again. Environmental friendly and sustainable during rainy season, you’ll be glad you installed a rainwater tank in your home. You can save as much water as you like. After all, saving water doesn’t just happen during the summer – it is required all year.

Install rainwater tank, save more water and enjoy the summer more!

Don’t have a rainwater tank yet? Contact CPR Outdoor Centre for your needs. We have different rainwater tanks for your needs. We offer rainwater tanks that will fit to your requirements. Ring us now to arrange your order.