What’s the Difference between a Patio and a Pergola?

gable (12)Patio

Originated as a Spanish word, the term “patio” actually describes a roofless inner courtyard but it was eventually used as an English word for a backyard gathering area just next to the back door. Today, a patio has a roof and can be anywhere outside your house whether it is attached to the main structure or not, doesn’t matter. Because of its numerous purposes, a patio has now become a part of the house that is as important as a bedroom or bathroom. Modern patios come in various shapes and sizes and have even evolved further with more sophisticated features such as dining areas and outdoor kitchens.You can even have built-in speakers, TV screens and other audiovisual equipment, perfect for the total entertaining experience and great to watch the footy on.


pergolaMany home owners love to have climbing plants in their backyard. Hence, they need an outdoor structure with rafters and roof beams to serve as a structure for these plants can cling to. The Italian word “Pergola” was eventually used to refer to a naturally shaded and freestanding backyard structure, mostly for ornamental purposes. Some pergolas are made of metal, some made of polycarbonate, and many other materials for durability and aesthetics. Over the years, various shapes of pergolas have become popular, the most common are circular, rectangular, square, hexagonal and octagonal.

What’s the Difference between a Patio and a Pergola?

gable (11)As you can see a patio is a more solid structure and is generally designed as an entertaining area. Patios are also great places for the children to play and be protected from the sun and in the winter time the rain.

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