What Types of Patios Are There?

CPR Patio SilverDid you know there are many different types of patios? Which one is best suited for you will depend on your own personal needs and ideals surrounding the patio you desire for your property and home. Patios can make a great area for outdoor entertaining and many other needs and are a fantastic addition to any home. You can choose a patio that suits your needs perfectly; you may even mix 2 styles together to get that seamless look you need in your new patio.

Gable Roof Patios

A gable patio can be attached to your home or simply become freestanding. Gable roof patios look great over any outdoor area of your house and can bring better ventilation and disperse hot air efficiently. It has two pitched sides joined together in the middle, giving you extra height. Living in a warmer climate like Bunbury, Busselton and the South West means that it will get hot in summer – but you still want somewhere nice to enjoy the fresh air.

Dome Roof Patio

When considering a contemporary modern design for your patio, the dome roof is an excellent choice. It gives flexibility when it comes to the design that would suit best to your personal preferences on your house. It can be a low-profile type, a gradual curve or a magnificent high profile. This style is very striking and is a fantastic choice if you want to make a statement with your new patio.

Flat Roofed Patio

If space is an issue, a flat patio option might work for you. With a fall of exactly 3 degrees away from your house, a flat or skillion roofed patio can either be freestanding or attached accordingly into your house. This is the most simple type of patio but can still be very effective, and are very easy to set up and install. Many people also use them as an alternative to installing a carport.

Hip End Patio

patio by CPR Outdoor A hip end patio is a variation of a gable patio and can be used in one or both ends. It also comes in a simple design but can be a very effective addition to the outdoor area of your house. Hip end patios are a form of gable patios that pitch at both ends, making for a great addition to your outdoor space.

Custom Designed Patios

While there are many types of predesigned patio styles, you can also come up with your own custom design if you feel that none of the others fit your needs exactly. Custom patios can be a combination of the above mentioned patios, with many alternative choices to suit you.

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