What Type of Roof is Best for a Shed?

Whether building a new shed or upgrading your existing one, there are many important decisions to make. When considering what type of shed to build most homeowners have at the front of mind the location and size they are wanting.

While these may be the first two decisions to consider, you will also have to choose the type of roof for your new shed. Different styles of roofs suit different styles of sheds however ultimately the roof of your shed must withstand the weather and protect your shed and everything stored inside.

While there are numerous roof types available, read below to learn 3 popular roof options for a shed including:

  • Gable Roof
  • Hip Roof
  • Flat Roof

Gable Roof

Visually, a gable roof resembles a triangular shape. Two panels of roofing are pitched at an angle, meeting and joining in the centre. This type of roof is popular for not only sheds, but other outdoor structures such as carports and patio’s as it allows rain to easily flow off. If choosing a gable roof for your new shed, you will have the choice of the pitch or angle you would like the roof to be.

Hip Roof

A hip roof consists of four sides of roofing, of equal lengths, that meet at the top to form a ridge. This ridge is often used for a vent that helps air to circulate providing good ventilation. A hip style roof is popular for its stability and durability especially in locations that experience high winds such as coastal suburbs.

Shed - single doors x 2 with boat portFlat Roof

A flat roof on a shed is one of the more traditional styles for a shed roof and is often used for residential, commercial and industrial sheds. Visually, a flat roof has no pitch and is all the same height however, this is not the case. To ensure good drainage, a flat shed roof has a slight pitch. Less materials are used when building a flat shed roof due to the no slope.

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