What Size Shed Do I Need To Have Built at My Bunbury Property?

Shed in Margaret RiverA new shed becomes a big part of your yard regardless of the size that you choose, but there are a few things to keep in mind to make sure that it suits the area you are building it on. Choosing the size of your shed can be a little more complicated than simply ‘I want a big shed!’ or ‘I want a little shed!’ especially when it’s being constructed.

  • What is the Purpose of Your Shed?
  • What Size is Your Property?
  • Check with Your Local Council

What is the Purpose of Your Shed?

The first thing to think about is this, What are you going to use your new shed for?

If you want a simple storage area to put your tools in at the end of the day, you may do better with a smaller shed. If you want to spend time in your shed and have a handy indoor space to do some work, you will need enough space to install a workbench or desk. Some people also like to store vehicles within their shed, which will also affect the size. Deciding what purpose your shed will have before you begin to build will help you determine the best size.

What Size is Your Property?

Wanting a big shed will not get you very far if there is no space in your backyard for it. Assess your outdoor space and take measurements. You may need to factor in removing some trees into your new shed-building budget, or you may decide that the space you wanted it in previously will not fit and need to think about relocating to a new area.

Check with Your Local Council

Shed Frame in Margaret RiverWhile there are broad policies for shed permits in Western Australia, your local council may also have specific regulations for sheds in their area. There can also be limits to the height and width of your sheds depending on the location. Contacting your local council and asking them what regulations they have is a fantastic idea to do before you begin the shed-building process.

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