What Size Shed Can I Build On My Property?

What size shed can I build? Ask CPR Outdoor Centre - Shed Mid ConstructionWhether used as an ultimate man cave, a freestanding office or an extra storage space, a shed can be customised to suit your needs. When building a shed there are choices to make in terms of colour, design and materials plus one of the most important decisions is size.

You may envisage having a shed of specific proportions, however there are a few factors that must be considered:

  • Location and Use
  • Shire Restrictions
  • Vegetation

Location and Use

Before choosing a shed size, you must consider where you want it located on your property. A shed’s purpose can determine its location and its location can determine its size. A concrete slab is normally installed for a shed to be built on and this slab needs to be a certain size from your properties boundaries. Shed size isn’t just about the length and width, the required height and shape must be considered too. If possible, building a shed larger than the size you think you need is a wise idea. Measure the size of everything you want to store inside the shed and make sure there is going to be sufficient room.

Shire Restrictions

What size shed can I build? Ask CPR Outdoor Centre Shed by CPR OutdoorYour local council may have a say when determining the size of your shed. As a shed is an addition to your property, councils require you to inform them before installation. Before approving the size of your shed, your local council will consider any nearby buildings, walls and drainage. Larger sheds may require a building permit. There are exemptions, but speaking to your local council or the team at CPR Outdoor Centre is recommended.


Before deciding on the size of a shed, the area where it is being placed must be thoroughly assessed.  Overhanging trees or existing vegetation may need to be trimmed or removed to allow your envisaged size shed to be built. It’s important to consider vegetation in close proximity to the shed once built too. While a large tree may provide shade over your shed, if branches fall, it can cause extensive damage to the shed and its contents.

What Size Shed Can I Build?

To speak to the professionals about building a shed on your property contact the CPR Outdoor Centre team. The team at CPR pride themselves on providing excellent customer service in a friendly and professional manner plus expert advice when choosing the correct size of your shed.

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