What Size Garage Should I Build?

Garage by CPRWhen it comes to building a garage, there are many choices you can make. Where will it be located? Will it be freestanding or attached to your home? Will it have a motorised roller door? Amongst the many choices to make, one of the first questions you should consider is the size garage you are wanting to build. The size of your garage can limit or expand your choices for all the other choices you need to make.

Not sure what size garage to build? Read on to learn 3 factors to consider including:

  • What will your garage be used for?
  • Where would you like your garage located?
  • Shire Restrictions

What will your garage be used for?

The intended use of your garage will help determine the best size. A garage may be assumed as a space to purely store vehicles however consider long term other purposes. A garage makes a great space as a home gym, extra storage or even entertaining. Do you own a boat or a caravan or intend to in the future? A garage is a secure and sheltered space that could be used to store these too.

Where would you like your garage located?

The location you are wanting to build your shed will help determine the best size. The size of your garage isn’t just about the square meterage, the height and shape should be considered too. Would you like direct access from your garage to your home? When choosing what size is best your first choice of location may not suit your wanted size and vise versa. It is recommended to weigh up all your options.

Shire Restrictions

Garages built by CPR Outdoor CentreYour local council may have a say when determining the size of your garage. As a garage is an addition to your property, councils require you to inform them before installation. Before approving the size, your local council will consider any nearby buildings, walls and drainage. Larger garages may require a building permit. There are exemptions, however speaking to your local council or the team at CPR Outdoor Centre is recommended.

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