What Should I Consider When Installing a Gate in Bunbury?

Double Gate - ColorbondInstalling a gate is the ideal way to close an opening in a wall or fence. Depending on its location, a gate can give homeowners added piece of mind their home and garden is secure as it helps to keep their home and what’s in it is safe. A gate can also be the ideal way to create privacy for you and your family. 

When choosing to add a gate to your home or property there are a few important factors to consider:

  • Design and Materials to Compliment the Aesthetics of Your Home and Garden
  • Gaining Access through the Gate
  • Safety

Design and Materials to Compliment the Aesthetics of Your Home and Garden

Many homeowners are deterred from installing a gate as they feel it can be an eye sore, however this is not the case. A gate can add to the aesthetics of your home and even be used as a focal point. With options of wood or colorbond, it’s important to consider the material and colour of your existing fences, outdoor areas and outdoor furniture when choosing which design and materials are right for you. 

Wooden Gates & fenceIf your home currently has wooden fences and outdoor furniture, a wooden fence is a great option to keep with the existing design. If your current fences are colorbond, you may choose to have the same colour colorbond gate installed to compliment this.

Gaining Access through the Gate

When installing a gate, you must consider who will be needing to gain access through it. If installing a gate for visitors and family members to use, it must be easy to open so they can come and go without you having to let them in and out each time. If vehicles require access, then an automatic gate is likely to be the best option. If the gate will be at the front of your home or property, access that protects your safety must be considered too.


Gate by CPRDepending on its use and location, it is also important to ensure you adhere to any safety standards and council requirements when installing a gate. Ensure high quality hardware including hinges, latches and screws are used when building your gate to ensure its security and longevity. Consider all members of your family, including your 4-legged furry family members too. A gate that is too low may tempt a family pet to jump over and escape while a gate that can be easily opened is a safety risk for young children.

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