What Should I Consider When Designing My Shed?

Shed - Margaret River R Door Open ExtOur homes are a big investment so when we want to add or modify any parts it is important that you get the professional advice and service. A shed is the perfect addition to any home – every man needs a shed.

When installing a shed you will need to make sure that you have a quality product that is made to last; from ordering to construction your new shed needs to be a product that is built to last.

There are no two sheds that are the same as they are built for a purpose, with design, choice of colour, location and the different access points being required.

What kind of shed is suitable for me?

Here are something to consider:

  • Consult
  • Design
  • Construction


Contacting an expert who will be able to listen to what your requirements are and who can give you the options that you would like when it comes to building your shed is very important, so you get the best possible deal for the structure.

Temple Sheeted diff angleDesign

Your new shed needs to compliment your home or work environment and should blend in with the nearby standing structures. Design plays an important part due to the required size, position and access areas for entry and exit. For instance, if you need to access your shed for a boat, caravan or horse floats you will need a bigger access area than say storing cars plus you may need extra height than normal.


Dealing with a company that have a qualified team who can give you the right information from the beginning will give you a product that is built correctly the first time, especially with council applications and approvals. Remember to ask about insurance requirements, when does the companies insurance end and you need to have your own insurance to cover your new shed, doing it right from the beginning will eliminate any hidden surprises later.

Deal With Professionals Who Can Help You Design Your Shed?

CPR Outdoor Centre, we can give you a variety of options for you to choose when it comes to all your shed needs. We can also make life easier by sorting out the Council paperwork, application and all the steps along the way. Contact the team at CPR Outdoor Centre for your free quote today – Bunbury 9726 2311 or Busselton 9754 2657.