What Should I Consider When Building a Shed?

Building a ShedMost homes and properties throughout the South West use a shed as a lockable and sheltered storage space for different types of tools and equipment including lawn mowers, power tools, gardening items and seasonal furniture. With the option of adding windows, lighting and flooring, your shed may be used for storage now, but a different purpose in the future.

Read on to learn what to consider when building a shed at your home or property including:

  • Size
  • Access to your home
  • Foundations


When installing a shed, it’s important to choose a shed size for your needs. If your back garden is small and you don’t want to lose the minimal space you have, consider a smaller shed or a slimline style that can easily be placed in a corner or down the side of your home. If your back garden is large, while you may only need a small shed think long term to what it could be used for. You may find building a larger shed is a better choice as it gives you more options of how to utilise it in the future.

Access to your home

When choosing the best location for your shed, it’s important to consider ease of access to your home. If your sheds main purpose will be to store patio furniture during winter but it’s a long walk through a manicured garden or up and down stairs to get to and from your patio, your chosen location may not be ideal. Long term you may wish to use your shed as an entertaining area meaning you and your guests would require easy access to and from the kitchen and bathroom in your home.


Shed - FrameWhether a gravel base, pavers on a bed of sand or a concrete slab, the foundations of your shed must be considered. A gravel base or pavers on a bed of sand may seem like a good idea and more affordable option, however if the gravel or sand collects water or floods when it rains, it may not be safe or practical. Laying a concrete slab for your shed is the best way to ensure a durable and strong foundation that will keep your shed secure for years to come.

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