What Outdoor Area Should I Add to My Home in Bunbury?

Flat - Raised FlatSpring has arrived and the warm sunshine and flowers in bloom make it the ideal season to spend time outdoors. The ideal way to maximise the time you can spend outdoors, not just in spring but all year around, is to build an outdoor area. With an abundance of building options and impressive design features available, you can customise your outdoor area to suit your family and lifestyle needs.  

What are your options when it comes to building an outdoor area? Your options available include:

  • Patio
  • Deck
  • Alfresco
  • Carport


Gable Edwards Finished 1A patio is an additional structure to your existing home and can be attached to an existing structure or free standing. It has a roof but is normally open at 1, 2, 3 or all sides. A patio makes a great choice of space if you are wanting weather protection but fresh air to still circulate through. The different roof options available include gable, dome, flat, hip end or you can customise your own roof. A patio’s framework is typically steel, and roofing is Colorbond, guaranteeing its strength and longevity. With numerous colour options available you can choose materials to compliment your homes existing colour scheme.


A deck doesn’t have any framework or roofing and is best described as a stylish outdoor floor. A deck is normally elevated above the ground and connected to your existing home. Decks may or may not have railing on the outer perimeter. Most decks are built using a range of hard woods including jarrah, spotted gum and merbau. Hardwoods are a popular choice as they are known to be durable, easy to maintain and can withstand the harsh South West weather.


An alfresco is typically built under the main roof of the home when the home is first built, or an extension is done. The area normally flows from the indoors and be utilised as an additional room of the home. An alfresco area can have no walls, like a patio, or can be fully enclosed. Cafe blinds are a popular option for alfresco areas as they are adjustable so can cater for any occasion or weather.


Caravan PortMost of us assume a car port would be solely used to store vehicles however this is not true. A car port is a practical multi-purpose space that can be attached to your home or free standing. Those with larger properties or big front or back gardens may choose to build a car port a few metres from the home.   A car port is like a patio where it has a roof but is not usually closed in at the sides. Carports can double as an extra covered space when entertaining or to sit, relax and enjoy the outdoors. 

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