What Lighting is Right for My Shed?

dome patioThere is no doubt building a shed at your home or property is an advantage. It provides a secure, sheltered space that can be used for multiple purposes from storage, to the ultimate man cave to a workshop. When building a shed, there are many additions that can be installed to enhance and transform your shed from good to great. One of these is lighting. Having lights in your shed makes it useable anytime, day or night.

When choosing which lighting is right for my shed, there are several factors you must consider. These include the size of your shed and most of all what you are planning to use your shed for. Wanting to know what lighting is right for your shed? Read on to learn different options including:

  • Solar Powered Lighting
  • Battery Powered Lighting
  • Electric Lighting

Solar Powered Lighting

Solar powered lights are a great option not only for your shed, but for our environment too. They don’t require connection to electricity and there are several options available depending on the amount of lighting required. Having a solar powered shed can be beneficial to provide lighting plus electricity for other electrical equipment such as power tools, a bar fridge or radio.

Battery Powered Lighting

Battery powered lighting have both portable and fixed options and are generally easy to install. Battery powered lighting in a shed is a good option if lighting is not going to be required regularly. Using good quality batteries in battery powered lighting will give you maximum hours of light, reducing your need to have to change the batteries as often.

Electric Lighting

Electric lighting in a shed requires installation by a professional electrician. Options can include fluorescent or LED lighting. Both fluorescent and LED lights provide great all-purpose lighting allowing you to illuminate your shed any time of the day or night.

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