What Kind of Roof Can I Have for My Patio?

Gable Edwards Finished 2There are many different types of roof styles that you can choose from for your patio roof, a great option would be a Gable Patio Roof. A gable patio has two pitched sides that are joined in the middle and can be either be attached to your home or freestanding. The gable can be designed to match the pitch of your home or at the recommended 20%.

A gable roofed patio is a perfect option for that feeling of open space and lends itself well for social occasions when you want to entertain, relax and enjoy your home. The pitch of the roof in a gable patio gives allows for the air to flow more freely, not trapping the heat. Having a more breezy feel, creates a lovely open space for you to enjoy and brings in that feeling of indoor / outdoor to your home.

When choosing your gable patio some great things to keep in mind are:

  • Design
  • Entertainment Value
  • Protection

patio1Great Patio Designs

Design and style go hand in hand complimenting your home, the gable roof is always a great addition and can be matched to your existing colours or made in contrast for a more dramatic feel.

Entertainment Value

Patios are a wonderful place to entertain. All year round your new patio can give you  that open space which is a great addition to your home and the perfect place for the  Christmas BBQ, family gatherings or a quiet cuppa with a friend.


Having the extra coverage means you will be able to go outdoors anytime throughout the year and still enjoy the experience. Patios can provide shade in summer and a wonderful protected space in the winter. Your gable patio can be fitted with a panel or 2 of polycarbonate sheeting to allow in extra light in the winter. With the finishing touch of the infills to give that perfect level of protection.

PatiosWhat Kind of Roof Can I Have for My Patio?

Why not go for a gable roof. If you are looking for more options or a combination of roof styles to make your new patio fit perfectly then CPR Outdoor Centre can help you with that too.

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