What is the Best Shed for Your Yard?

shed (3)Adding a shed to your backyard is a great idea. A shed will give you that much needed extra space to store, organise and protect your lawn and garden equipment when they are not in use. A shed also offers many other benefits as a place to work and play. However, building the wrong type of shed will not increase storage or value to your home, but decrease it, becoming an eyesore that does nothing to meet your needs.

There are sheds that are made to house small items. Most of the time, they have flat walls to install shelves on as well as hooks to hang tools etc. Then there are those that are built larger and can store practically anything from bikes to machinery. With these sheds, a large door is important to get items in and out.

Shed with CarportThe style of your shed will primarily depend on the equipment that you plan to store in it. Let’s take a look at the general shed styles and learn a little more about them.

Gable Shed

This traditional shed look the triangle A frame, providing a lot of flexible space. Gable sheds are mostly fitted with a large door at one end.

Its large interior space allows it to provide a variety of storage needs. Sometimes, it is built with windows for ventilation and two doors on both ends for easy access. Having two doors makes it easier to get a hold of the needed items without having to crawl and rummage through everything.

Shed for extra spaceFlat Roofed Shed

This type of shed as the name suggests has a flat roof, great for small sheds that house pumps, garden tools and the like. It can be built with windows and a door.

Flat roofed sheds can have a single roof sloping forward from its high back wall and be made with large doors to fit in scooters and bikes. This will be perfect for the garden as its tall back wall can be attached with shelves and hooks to store and hang gardening tools.

Barn Shed

This is the largest shed that you can possibly have in your backyard. Its roof features a two-shade design, providing a lot of interior height, just like that of a traditional barn. Initially, it slopes out from its peak gently in a downward slope before changing to a steeper pitch.

Its plans come in a variety of sizes and can house anything from garden tools to cars. This is the ultimate in shed for storage and can be built in practically any kind of home.

What is the Best Shed for Your Yard?

The best shed for you depends on your needs and wants.CPR Outdoor Centre are your shed specialists and can supply you with a free quote. We can come out to your home/office or site and discuss your needs.

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