What is the Best Roof for my Patio?

Summer Patio by CPR Outdoor CentreWith the weather warming up, a patio makes the ideal space to boost the summer appeal of your home. When it comes to patios, it’s great to have multiple options allowing you to build a patio suited specifically to your needs. Style, colour and size are just a few choices you can make, but did you know you have a choice in the type of roof too?

Read on to learn about 4 popular patio roof options and which one is best for your patio including:

  • Flat Roof
  • Gable Roof
  • Hip Roof
  • Dome Roof

Flat Roof

Tapered Flat PatioTo the eye, a flat roof has no pitch, however it is slightly pitched for the purpose of drainage. The surface area of a flat roof is less than that of a sloped roof meaning less materials are used when building.  A flat roof is a more traditional type of roof for a patio and can be attached to the fixtures of the home or stand alone.

Gable Roof

Also known as a pitched or peaked roof, gable roofs are recognised by their triangular shape as they are constructed with two pitched sides joining in the middle. Just like a flat roof, it can be attached to the fixtures of the home or stand alone. A gable roof makes a great choice for the Australian climate as the pitch allows adequate ventilation and doesn’t trap heat in.

Hip Roof

All four sides of a hip roof are equal length, meeting at the top to form a ridge. Known for their stability, they are a good choice for areas susceptible to high winds and give extra protection from sun entering from the sides.

Dome Roof

Dome - SawtoothA dome roof has the appearance of an inverted bowl shape and can be built with a low to gradual curve or a high-end curve. They are a popular choice when wanting to make your patio’s roof a design feature. Normally made from metal, they are well known for their durability.

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