What Family Games Can I Play Under My Patio?

Under My Gable PatioYour patio provides a great place for some family fun and games. Enjoy the fresh air and gather your family, no matter the weather, and turn your patio into the ultimate games zone. Whether a one-off afternoon of fun or a regular family activity, there are hours of fun to be had for all ages under your patio.

Read on to learn 3 family games to enjoy under your patio including:

  • Treasure Hunt
  • Bocce
  • Bowling

Treasure Hunt

Gather a range of items and hide them in various places under your patio. Set the rest of your family a challenge to find these items and see who can find the most. Space permitting, a treasure hunt is a great game to extend to other areas of your garden too. If you don’t have items to hide, consider instead making the treasure hunt about finding items that are already in the garden and under your patio.


Put your family into teams and enjoy a game of bocce. Toss the small ball then each player has a turn to toss a bocce ball trying to get it as close to the small ball. Once all balls are thrown, whoever has the closest ball to the small ball scores a point. Keep playing until a team reaches a certain score. Who will be the king or queen of bocce in your family?


Gable patio with wooden infillBowling is a great game that can be played on lawn or hard flooring. Set up the bowling pins and take turns to see how many bowling pins you can knock over. Don’t have any bowling pins? Improvise and use items such as water bottles instead. There are many options when it comes to what to use as a bowling ball including a tennis ball or golf ball.

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