What Else Can I Use My Carport For?

Raised Flat Roof Carport AttachedCarports are a great addition to your home; they are fantastic for sheltering vehicles and can add value to your property, as well as looking attractive and being highly functional. What may surprise you is the many ways our clients use their carports that may seem unconventional, but actually offer ingenious solutions for shelter, storage and extra space.

Made from superior quality Bluescope Steel and Colorbond products and designed and manufactured right here in the South West, carports are functional structures that are primarily built to provide protection for your cars and smaller vehicles. CPR Outdoor Centre specialise in carports designed, built and maintained to withstand the harshest of Australian conditions and to the highest industry standards.

Aside from sheltering your vehicle, CPR carports can also be used to:

  • Host A Gathering
  • Storage
  • Kids Play Area

Carport _ Connecting Shed and HouseHost A Gathering

What a perfect spot to host a neighbourhood party! Leave your carport open or enclose it with temporary fixtures and set up your gathering inside a large area that boasts shelter and space.

You will usually have a power source in your carport and you can be confident in the knowledge that your structure is sound, unlike a free-standing tent. Entertain in any weather under your carport.


If you don’t have shed, the carport can be a suitable place to store some smaller vehicles and household items that can be left outside. If your carport has a roller door or similar, you can keep items secure inside your carport and protected from elements.

Kids Play Area

Lovely carport by CPR Outdoor CentreHave you ever thought about extending the kid’s play area into the carport? Temporary or on a more permanent basis, kids toys, messy play equipment and wet activities can be moved into the carport to prevent damage inside the house and to provide easy cleaning options.

Looking to Install A Carport At Your Home?

CPR Outdoor Centre manufacture different carports to cater to different living environments, and at different lengths, colours, heights and sizes. If you require paperwork and council permits, we are happy to arrange these for you with our fully installed carport designs. Call the team today on 9726 2311 Bunbury
or 9754 2657 Busselton for a free quote today.