What do I need to consider before having a patio built?

Gable patioWant to build a patio? Here are 5 important things to consider before you start so you can achieve that lovely feel you want in your new outdoor living area.

Things to consider before building a patio:

  1. Location
  2. Budget
  3. Size
  4. Site works
  5. Materials


Want to make outdoor entertaining easier? Place your patio right near your kitchen or even better incorporate an outdoor kitchen into your new patio design; you will be able to serve your guests faster and really enjoy your new outdoor space.

Depending on the purpose of your patio, that will dictate the location of where you will need your patio built. Patios provide great shade especially on the east and west sides of your house. Prevent the hot sun hitting the walls of your home and you will find cooling your house so much easier this summer.


Gable with lattice infillPlan your patio design that will suit your budget. Make a list of your needs and talk to a patio company about what will suit. If your budget is tight and you are handy on the tools a DIY kit might be a great option for you.


Decide on the size of your patio while considering the furniture and the activities that you plan to do in it. If you would like to have an eight-seat outdoor setting then the paved area needs to be big enough to accommodate this plus space to move around. Or if you only want a couple of sun lounges small patio size will do.

Prepare adequate space for entertaining and outdoor heaters that will  become handy during cool evenings. Check with your council to make sure how close you can build to the fence etc, your patio contractor can advise you here.

Site works

Consider your site. Does the area need to be levelled? Do you need retaining walls, extra fencing and any other things that need to be done to accommodate your patio and proposed landscaping? The right landscaping will give it a comfy and tranquil atmosphere for entertaining plus turn an ordinary backyard into something special.


gableChoose appropriate materials when planning to build a new patio. Some councils and shires have regulations on the colours and materials that some buildings, like sheds and patios can be built from. ColourBond is a great patio material for the Australian climate.

Flooring, are you going to have a concrete floor, or are you thinking about paving? Create a lovely patio perimeter with plants and low-voltage lighting to enhance the beauty of your patio. Do you need a low wall to enclose your area?

What do I need to consider before having a patio built?

Consider these 5 things to create the perfect patio in your backyard and really enjoy your leisure time.

Where to start?

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