What Décor Can I Add to My Deck?

Patio and Decking By CPR Outdoor CentreA deck makes a versatile addition to any home. A deck allows you to extend your living area to the outdoors, providing a space for the whole family to enjoy. From the ultimate teenager retreat, to an open-air man cave or a place to host a drinks and dinner gathering then dance the night away, there is no denying adding a deck to your home is a great investment.

Looking for inspiration when it comes to what décor to add to your deck? Read on to learn 5 décor ideas including:  

  • Soft Furnishings
  • Dual Purpose Seating
  • Plants
  • Lighting
  • Ornaments and Statues

Soft Furnishings

Cushions, chair coverings, rugs and throws are a great way to add personality and a pop of colour to your deck area and make a colour scheme come to life.

Dual Purpose Seating

Seating that can also be used for storage is a wise décor option for your deck. Toy boxes or chests can be used for seating while keeping items you want to store on your deck out of sight.


Plants can make a stunning design feature to a deck. They can add height to the space, be used for privacy, create shade or larger plants can be used as a focal point for the area.


Dee's patio - Gable decking shedThere are permanent and portable solution when it comes to lighting for your deck. Party lights can be strung on the railing to create ambience while in-floor lighting can be placed in corners or near steps or seating.

Ornaments and Statues

Ornaments and statues are a great way to portray a theme on your deck. A tropical theme can be achieved with coastal ornaments or tropical animal statues. If you are hoping to bring a feeling of Bali to your deck, wall plaques, garden lanterns and water features can be used.

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