What Colour Should My New Shed Be?

New Shed in GreenA shed is a great multipurpose construct for your home’s backyard. Sheds can be used for entertaining guests, extra storage, a quiet space to work on projects, and even for housing family members in a pinch!

Whether you are planning on getting a brand-new customised shed for your backyard or want to refresh an old one, all sheds will be a colour of some sort. Your ideal shed colour will depend on many different things, including the climate and your own personal taste, but here we have included some tips on picking the right shed colour for you:

  • Should My Shed Match My House?
  • What Colour Shed is Best for Hot Weather?

Should My Shed Match My House?

You don’t have to match your shed colour with your house, but sheds that blend with the already-existing home or building on the property look aesthetically pleasing. Contrasting colours can also work well. They can even add value to your property! Depending on where you live, the colour of your shed may be limited to the covenants set by your local council or shire; so please check first (or your shed company can for you).

Installing a new shedA new trend among homemakers is to have the shed match the house fully – like you have another, smaller house in your backyard. There’s no real reason for this other than aesthetics but if you like the idea, it’s certainly one you can take up. Another option is to blend your shed with its surroundings. A popular colour for sheds right now is green, or a grey-toned green, because it will fit in with any garden or grassy areas around it.

What Colour Shed is Best for Hot Weather?

Summers in Bunbury and the South West can get very hot, so you don’t want to pick a shed colour that will make it too hot to even enter. To make sure you won’t overheat during the warmer months, avoid darker colours like black, dark grey and navy. If you are setting up a brand-new shed, you could even buy your materials in the colours you prefer.

CPR Outdoor supplies from COLORBOND®, who offer a range of steel in lighter shades for your shed such as cream, pale greys, greens and more.

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