What Can I Use a Carport for Besides to Park My Car?

While most of us assume the only use for a carport would be a place to park your car, this is not the case. As carports are generally attached to the home or near the home, the close proximity to the main dwelling, more homeowners are being attracted to building carports as they provide a multi-purpose space that can be utilised for other purposes.

Looking for ways to use your carport besides to park your car? Read on to learn 3 great ways to utilise a carport including:

  • Outdoor living space
  • Family gatherings
  • Storage

Outdoor Living Space

A carport can provide enough shade to block out the harsh summer sun meaning summer months no longer have to be spent indoors. Enjoy the afternoon sea breeze and balmy summer evenings under your carport. Winter is the season most of us escape the cold and winds by taking cover inside, but as a carport can be enclosed at one or multiple sides it can provide protection from winter winds and rain and be enjoyed during the winter months too.

Family Gatherings

A carport is the ideal space to host a gathering with family. Keep the mess outside by entertaining under your carport. You are only limited by your imagination of what features and equipment your carport entertaining space could include such as a bar, barbeque, outdoor dining suite, outdoor couches, portable heating and cooling, lighting and a stereo.


Extended Carport by CPRWhile most carports are open at one or multiple sides, they can still be used for storage. Lockable wardrobes can be installed against one wall of your carport. This can provide extra storage that is protected, but not taking up space inside the home. There may be items you need only when outdoors, such as outdoor umbrellas and beach towels. These would be ideal to store in lockable cabinets or wardrobes in a carport.

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