What Are My Options When Installing Patio Blinds

HD Channel Patio Blinds Rural 1A patio makes the perfect place to relax, unwind and enjoy the great outdoors all year around. A patios roof offers shelter and protection from the weather and some patios may be open or enclosed at one or more sides. If you are looking for a great alternative to enclosing your patio, investing in patio blinds is the ideal solution.

Patio blinds can provide protection from the wind and rain during winter and offer extra shade and block out the heat during summer. Beyond this, you can choose which height to position your patio blinds to suit the days weather. 

Read on to learn more about patio blinds including:

  • HD Channel Blinds
  • Crank and Clip Blinds
  • Colour Options

HD Channel Blinds

A popular option for residential and restaurant outdoor areas HD Channel Blinds are the ideal way to create shade and are boasting with features. These blinds are well known for their ability to reduce UV, heat and glare plus can span up to 5.8 metres. With the option of a detachable handle making them manually operational or a hand-held or wall mounted remote making them motorised. The HD Channel features a custom bottom rail which reduces bowing and has a pin locking system once at your chosen height.

Crank and Clip Blinds

Crank & Clip by the PoolA versatile blind that is traditionally open on the sides top and bottom, the crank and clip blind is another popular patio blind option. This blind is usually mounted by two large brackets either end of the axle or roll upwards or sidewards into an existing structure. Design options also allow the option of this blind being fixed to a roof and extended across to a fence or wall, creating shade and protection from the weather for plants, clothes lines or children’s play areas. These blinds also have a span of up to 5.8 metres with the option of hooding available.

Colour Options

Another great advantage of patio blinds is there are available in an extensive range of fabrics.  The wide range of colour options means you can choose a patio blind colour that compliments or contrasts with existing colours outside your home. When choosing which colour is best consider the colours in your garden, the colour of fences and sheds and the colour of the décor under your patio such as seating, tables and flooring.

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