What Alternatives To Wood Can I Have For My Deck

DECKING ENHANCE IN BEACH DUNE AND CLAM SHELLSummer is a wonderful time to enjoy a deck and now with the choice of composite decking you can still have the wonderful look of timber with high durability in all weather conditions due to the shell technology and stain protection.

Having decking installed around pools, for a gazebo, pergola or even a verandah around your home gives a beautiful finish with a variety of colours of tones and wood grain features.

Trex Decking is your outdeck timber of choice giving industry leading and warranty coverage of 25 years.

Trex Composite Decking Designs

  • Dining
  • Pool
  • Multilevel
  • Railings


Having the option for another dining area gives more room when having social gatherings or enjoying those summer nights having a bbq or parties. Installing the dining space close to your indoor kitchen will help with minimising trips back and forth.


Trex decking material has the added protection for weather conditions especially water so using composite decking around pools or spa areas give a nice finish to the entertainment space. All foundations and framing is built in mind to hand the loads.


Added design features could be to have multilevel decking this especially works well in different levels of a backyard or if you would like a certain configuration with stairs or stand alone areas, changes the whole look of your space and opens up your entertainment options too.


TREX SELECT IN SADDLE AND WINCHESTER GREYWhy stop at just decking! A beautiful finish to any decking space is having the areas framed with railings. This is great for added privacy from the outdoors, making a defined look for a seating area or around that beautiful big tree in the backyard.

Wanting to Know How You Can Get Trex Composite Decking Installed for Your Patio?

When you are wanting to build the perfect decking look no further than CPR Outdoor Centre Patio. You will be investing with Trex products that has steel deck framing, technology, superior fasteners with a great range of colours and designs.

Contact CPR Outdoor Centre in Bunbury on 9726 2311 or Busselton on 9754 2657.

Photo courtesy by Trex.