Ways to Keep My Garage or Shed Cool This Summer

Shed by CPRWhen your shed or garage is in direct sunlight the temperatures inside will be like an oven which no one really wants to enter as they already know how uncomfortable it is going to be in there.

Looking at the way your shed or garage is made and what ventilation options you have might just be enough to expel the trapped heat inside, without having to make any adjustments or additions to your space.

Smaller sheds will feel hotter due to space and the material of sheeting will also be a factor in the heat temperature inside.

What Are the Best Cooling Options

  • Ventilation
  • Insulation
  • Whirly BirdsShed
  • Air Conditioners


Increasing your ventilation in your garage or shed is a must for increasing extra airflow and help cool down the internal space. This can easily be achieved with opening windows and doors and having circulating fans throughout the space will certainly accelerate the process.


Adding insulation to the roof and internal walls of the buildings will help keep the heat out through the summer and keep the warmth in the winter. If items are being stored inside the space, insulation is a great way to regulate the temperatures.

Whirly Birds

A great ventilation for your garage or shed they can be fixed to the top of the roofs and helps to draw out the heat and expel outside. They can be purchased from a local hardware store and with a small amount of maintenance can be easily installed.

Air Conditioners

New shedIf your shed or garage is insulated, then having the use of an air conditioner will help especially if working in the shed or garage for long periods of time.

Need a Garage or Shed built to your needs?

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