Want to have a patio party?

gable (11)Now is the perfect party weather. Patio party, keep it all outside and everyone will enjoy the lovely spring colours your garden has to offer at this wonderful time of the year. Time to get ready for the party season.

Prepare your patio

Preparing your patio might be a simple freshen up or you might need a little more work. Your patio is the best place to enjoy the warm weather and the renewal of Mother Nature. It’s like being outside without leaving the comfort of your home!

Your patio needs need to be back to its top shape.

Check on how your patio fared this winter:

  • Did rain blew in causing any stains
  • Sweep out any leaves that have blown in
  • Check your patio furniture – does it need a coat of paint or just a good dusting?
  • Décor all good or need a spring flavor added to it.
  • Add some colour

Now to the fun part, what type of party are you going to have?

Arrange a tea party

A fun, casual tea party is a great idea to welcome the season. Hot tea and coffee, light snack, yummy cake and catch up with some close friends what a great way to spend a beautiful spring afternoon.

Can’t go past a Barbecue

Throw a barby, such a wonderful Aussie tradition. Make sure you give the BBQ a good clean beforehand, especially if you haven’t used it for a while. Check the gas, nothing worse than running out halfway through cooking. Do the deco’s invite your mates and throw a barbecue patio party.

Kids Party

Lots of fun, but lots of mess, easy keep them all outside. Patios are perfect for kids parties. Have a few games, food and drinks and you are all set.

Checked the patio and decided it has seen better days?

What, you don’t have a patio yet!
CPR Outdoor Centre are the perfect people to talk to whether you are thinking of expanding your patio or your patio needs an upgrade it? Free measure and quote, fully installed or Complete DIY kits, contact CPR Outdoor Centre in Bunbury and Busselton today.