Want A New Patio This Summer? Order Now!

Saw Tooth GableIt may be hard to imagine the perks of the perfect patio in the middle of winter, but it is the best time of year to design and order your dream patio to get it installed to enjoy in the spring and summer. The clear, crisp days of winter provide the perfect environment for earthworks and foundations, as well as early construction of your patio so you can enjoy the structure when the days get warmer.

When you select CPR Outdoor Centre to supply and install your patio, we organise the permits, engineer drawings and paperwork including submitting your application to the relevant authorities and obtaining council approvals. We exclusively use only BlueScope steel to ensure the highest quality possible and our selection of the Colorbond range of powder coats guarantees a superior finish.

If you want your patio to be complete in time for spring, the time to order is now because:

  • Off Season – Less Wait Times
  • Cooler Weather – Faster Installation
  • Completed Now – Ready For SpringGable Patio

Off Season – Less Wait Times

Take advantage of the fact that most home owners don’t plan their patio when it’s cold and rainy by designing and ordering yours now. Due to less demand, there is more chance of less wait time for trades, materials, manufacturing processes and council approvals and permits.

Cooler Weather – Faster Installation

Cooler, clear days means perfect conditions for installing a patio at your place. Tradesmen can lay the foundation, source the materials and get your patio up quicker when the weather is fine outside. Avoid scorching conditions and delays that come with them; be kind to your patio people and let them install your patio in the cool.

Completed Now – Ready For Spring

Summer PatioWhilst it may be hard to envision the beautiful balmy nights of spring and summer whilst it’s cold and dark, the main benefit of installing your patio during winter is that it is ready to utilise when the warmer weather arrives – not matter how early or late that is. You may even opt for side blinds and shades to lock out the weather and enjoy the patio as an outside room all year round!

Beat The Summer Rush – Order Your Patio For Summer Today!

CPR Outdoor Centre Bunbury and CPR Outdoor Centre Busselton stock all the design ideas and samples to choose from in selecting your patio to ensure it’s up and ready for spring. Do your summer self a favour and order your patio now. Call 9726 2311 (Bunbury) and 9754 2657 (Busselton) for your free quote.