What Types of Patio Can I Have?

Patio2Australian homes often have patios added in their backyards or as part of the house. It has been part of our tradition to dedicate a place where we can sit in the nice morning sun sipping a cuppa or have a lovely entertain area. Patios have always been a somewhere you can spend life’s precious moments and create memories for years to come, 18th, 21st, Christmas etc.

What Types of Patio Can I Have?

A new patio at your home will add value and give that precious extra space you have been searching for. Don’t hesitate. Life is too short so enjoy every moment. First, you have to choose what type of patio you would like to be installed in your house or we can come out and give suggestions.


What types of patio can I have? Depending on the style of your home and what you plan to use your patio for; patios come in different types:

    • Gable
    • Dome
    • Flat
    • Hip End
    • Custom Design

    It is very important to consider your personal style and needs in choosing your patio.  Patio designs can match your house or contrast with your home and be a feature. Remember to take into consideration your needs and budget. Let’s start by looking at the different types of patios.

    Dome - SawtoothA Gable patio style is very common in Australia. It is the standard design for most patios.  A gable patio roof traces the angles in your house as it extends adjacent to your wall.

    A Dome style is more of a contemporary modern design which offers an added option for you to choose from and give a different look to your home. Dome is always a good choice for a feature area.

    Flat patios are simpler than other types. It’s like a roof extension from your house’s wall but created with a twist. Often we can use clear roof panels where a portion of sunlight can pass through. For a flat patio you need to have a high roof height.

    Hip End patios are actually variations of Gable patios style. Hip end gables can be a very attractive addition to your home.

    Custom Design patios are designed specifically to suit your situation. Choices are endless with this type of patio. You can combine one type with the other to have a unique patio.

    Patio over balcony 2For example, you chose to attach a Flat patio with a Dome patio, or a Flat to a Gable. About three or four gable patio can form a sawtooth gable patio, or split dome patio to have a very unique house extension.

    What Types of Patio Can I Have?

    After all, the best thing about choosing a patio type is excitement and passion of seeing your dream come true. Your chosen patio can be an asset to your home.
    Take your time and choose the perfect one! Need Help?
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