What type of patio should I buy?

Patios can extend your living space. A patio can be the perfect place for dinner parties, but before you can start building your patio, you have to decide your patio design – especially its shape. Patios are unique because their design is limitless – you don’t need to shape it according to the walls and ceilings. They don’t conform to the standard box like shape. You have a lot of freedom and choice on what shape you would like your patio to be.

Patio shapes

When thinking of a patios shape, you need to consider the shape of the actual patio and well as the shape roof.

Your patio can be square, rectangle, round, dome, a free shape or a combination of 1 or 2 shapes that work together as one whole functional patio. However, you really need to think about your patio shape in terms of its footprint; the area you wish to cover and the style of roof.

Flat roofed patios by CPR Outdoor Bunbury and BusseltonOf course, you’ll want to make sure that your patio shape doesn’t just comply with your taste and requirements but it should suit the settings too. Here are several factors that may affect your options when choosing a specific shape for your patio.

  • Your property’s shape
  • Your property’s size
  • How you plan to use your patio
  • The style of your home and garden
  • Council / Shire regulations

You can refer to these factors – it will help you choose a patio shape that is well suited to your needs and wants.

Choose the shape properly

These factors can help you a lot, plus spending some of your time looking at photos of various patios and designs in books and the internet – will give you some ideas as well. Just by looking at these photos, you will have an idea on how a certain patio shape and design will look when installed.

What type of patio should I buy?

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