How to transform your patio with paint!

gable (2)Today is the perfect time to take up some home improvement projects. The sun is up; the weather is lovely, perfect for some DIY improvement at your place. Grab the chance to enjoy the day while bonding with your family.

Start with your patio first

With so many home improvement projects, you don’t know where to start. If you haven’t decided yet, why not consider transforming your patio? Your patio is often at the back of your home and is forgotten until you want to have a party or get together.

Your patio can be a great place to entertain friends and guests. Or for those lazy afternoon naps? You can do it in your patio – something simple yet a pleasurable experience. Being in your patio allows you to make the most of your summer experience so, giving your patio a facelift is indeed a good idea.

Transforming your patio

Does your patio look tired and dull?

Why not give it a lift? Transforming your patio doesn’t always mean replacing it or all you need to do some renos. Sometimes, you can transform the look of your patio by simply painting the concrete floor or timber of your patio is a colour of your choice. Painting your patio with bright, colourful colours can instantly make your patio look more attractive and gorgeous, other people think you just got yourself a new patio.

Transform your patio with paint this season. Don’t worry! Painting your patio just fits just right to make your patio look awesome.

Choosing a paint colour

You can go for any warm colours but if you want to have the best results, choose a shade that goes well with your house paint. Bright colours are great with winter coming all too quickly. Don’t forget to use paints that are especially made for concrete, timber or whatever area of your patios you have chosen. The correct paint will make your patio perfect and last a long.

How to transform your patio with paint!

Afraid to say sometimes you just need to bite the bullet and replace your patio. If your patio has seen better days, timber has rotten and needs to be replaced, contact CPR Outdoor Centre. We offer quality patios made from colourbond steel and powder coated aluminium. You can choose from full patio installation complete with council permits or buy a complete DIY kit for people with DIY skills. Ring us now to discuss your needs.