Top Tips to Consider When Building an Outdoor Area in Bunbury

Gable patio with wooden infill

Adding an alfresco or patio area to your home will be a smart investment that you can benefit from for many years to come. This new space can be used for unlimited purposes from a relaxing space to chill out to a perfect place to host a gathering and party.  Adding an alfresco or patio can also repay its investment as this new space can make the value of your home rise too.

What should you consider after making the decision to build an outdoor area? To ensure your home flows and to make the most of your new alfresco or patio here are our top tips to consider –

  • Weather Protection
  • Privacy
  • Access to Indoors

Weather Protection

Our harsh climate means you must ensure your area can be used all year round. To utilise your alfresco or patio no matter the season, you want it to provide shade and shelter.

Inside patio

Summer brings intense heat from the sun so it’s important to ensure your alfresco or patio provides enough shade and reduces the impact of glare and heat. Shade can be achieved through installing a permanent roof plus you could consider insulation or a ceiling fan for those really hot summer days. Extra shade can be achieved by using outdoor blinds.

While shade is a priority in summer, shelter is of importance in winter. Winter in the South West brings cold temperatures and significant rainfall. If fierce winter winds bring the possibility of rain entering your outdoor area, then it’s important to ensure electrical items like lighting are weatherproof as even though these items might be undercover they are still in an outdoor space.


Being in full view to passing traffic and pedestrians or neighbours is no doubt something homeowners don’t want when using their alfresco or patio. It’s important to consider your main use of the area and what exactly onlookers will be able to see. View the site it is being built from the street and neighbours’ fences, so you know exactly where privacy is needed. Outdoor blinds are a great way to create privacy as is the use of decorative screens. Strategically placed plants are another smart way to ensure your alfresco or patio isn’t visible to onlookers.

Access to Indoors

Patios by CPR

Most homeowners love entertaining family and friends in their outdoor area. If this is the case for you, it’s important to ensure you have easy access to your indoor kitchen. While some outdoor spaces have their own cooking facilities such as a barbeque or outdoor kitchen, you may still need access to your indoor kitchen. Ensuring easy access to this area will eliminate long trips back and forth carrying hot or fragile items such as plates.

Access to a toilet and bathroom is also worth considering if using your alfresco or patio for entertaining. If you don’t want family and friends walking through your home to reach these facilities, it’s important to ensure your space is built allowing easy access to these rooms.   

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