Are You Tired Of Freezing In Your Shed?

Temple Half SheetedSheds can be an extension of your home. Whether you have converted it into a man cave of sorts, you store your tools and equipment in it, it operates as a storage facility for items that don’t fit inside the house or you utilise it as an extension of your entertaining area, you can spend a fair bit of time in there. But even if you are just nipping out to grab something from the chest freezer in your back shed, chances are it is freezing in there in winter. Short of installing heating, which can be costly and often forgotten to turn off, what can you do to make your shed a little more comfortable in the cold winter months?

CPR Outdoor Centre offer Sisalation Foam Cell Shed Liner, a reflective insulation to install in your shed walls and ceiling. It consists of a closed cell foam core surrounded by an upper and lower layer of reflective foil laminate. Some of it’s many benefits include:

  • Water and Vapour Proof
  • Provides Barrier for Heat Loss
  • Flap Technology

Water and Vapour Proof

When heat is produced inside a shed when it’s cold outside, condensation can form on the walls and ceiling, resulting in it physically dripping on the occupants after a period of time. The Foam Cell Shed Liner actually deters condensation by providing an insulating layer between warm, moist air and the cold metal, therefore effectively water/vapour proofing your interior.

Provides Barrier for Heat Loss

Shed - Margaret River R Door Open ExtIn winter, sheds quickly lose any heat generated inside as it is absorbed by the cold metal. The Foam Cell Shed Liner reflects any heat generated back into the interior, reducing heat transfer and making the shed feel warmer.

Flap Technology

The Foam Cell Shed Liner incorporates a 150mm overlap of reflective foil along one side edge. This allows maximum coverage and sealed edge protection, as well as minimising the taping of joints and wastage of materials. The sealed edge means less heat escapes, resulting in a warmer space inside.

Are You Tired Of Freezing In Your Shed?

Foam Cell Shed Liner is manufactured to the highest quality standards, with assured product and process excellence. No ozone depleting substances are used in the manufacturing or materials used in Foam Cell Shed Liner. Give CPR Outdoor Centre Bunbury 9726 2311 or CPR Outdoor Centre Busselton 9754 2657 a call and have a chat about your shed insulations needs today.