3 Reasons to Build a Patio in Bunbury During Winter


A patio is a wonderful addition to your home that can be utilised all year around. As the seasons change and the rain and winds settle in most people assume it isn’t the right time to have a patio added to their home. The truth is, winter can be the perfect time to build a patio. There are just as many positives of adding a patio to your home in winter as there is in summer.

Here are just a few of the benefits of building a patio during winter:

  • Enjoy the Outdoors – no matter the weather!
  • Shorter Waiting Times
  • Avoid Potential Damage to your Lawn

Enjoy the Outdoors – no matter the weather!

The sooner your patio is built, the sooner you can begin to enjoy it. We all know a patio is the ideal space to enjoy the summer breeze and share drinks with friends, but a patio can be used just as much during winter as summer. Add a wooden fire and keep cosy and warm during winter under your patio while still admiring the outdoors. Entertain friends under your patio during winter and avoid sand and debris being walked through your home. The possibilities are endless …. Who said winter is for staying indoors only?

Shorter Waiting Times

Building permits are often needed when adding a patio to your home. As less construction generally takes place during the winter months you may be able to secure the necessary permits in less time. Suppliers of building materials are also generally less busy during winter, meaning less chance of delays.

Avoid Potential Damage to your Lawn

Well designed patio by CPR

Patio builders take great pride to ensure they don’t damage your grass or plants when building a patio. As the weather warms up, there is more moisture in the ground as a result of thawing. Moisture in the lawn tends to make it unstable, meaning when it is walked on it can be prone to marking. This is not the case in winter, the cold and frost help to protect the ground underneath resulting in damage being less likely.

Who Can Build my Patio during winter?

For all your patio needs, contact CPR Outdoor Centre today. Servicing both the Bunbury and Busselton areas, CPR Outdoor Centre pride themselves on their expert advice and service.

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