The best place to buy a custom made patio in Busselton?

Dome-4Looking for the best place to build your ideal custom made patio in Busselton?

Come and visit CPR Outdoor Centre right here in Barlee St, Busselton, as we build best custom made patios perfect for your needs.

5 reasons to let us at CPR Outdoor Centre build your patio:

  1. Locally made
  2. All quotes are free
  3. Expert patio builders
  4. DIY kits
  5. High quality

Locally made

CPR outdoor Centre is your best local patio builders and we build high quality Australian made patios that meet Australian Standards. We build local patios suitable for local weather conditions.

All quotes are free

Want to know exact details? Get a free measure and quoteand know exactly what you are getting plus how your new patio will fit into your home.

Expert patio builders

We can custom build a patio to suit your exact needs whatever designs you want; whether you are adding a new patio for entertainment purposes or just to have lovely extension for extra space.

We got you expert patio builders trained to build unique patio designs, engineered and council approved. We use Australian Bluescope steel and local installers. You can now enjoy your well-engineered patio made sturdy and cosy just for you.

We can help you plan your ideal patio design, get building permits council approvals and install your lovely new patio. All that to make it easy for you!

DIY kits

Aside from full installation services, we can also offer DIY kits for patios, sheds, carportsand sheds perfect to save you money. Our DIY kits can save you money and you can have the satisfaction of getting all the approvals and installing it yourself. Full DIY kits are great and save you money if you have the time and skills to install you own new patio.

High quality

We use the very best quality materials to deliver you the very best results that suit your requirements in a new patio. We pay close attention to details ensuring you get what you need and we surpass you expectations.

Where is the best place for a custom made patio in Busselton?

Come to CPR Outdoor Centre as we can build you the best custom made patio that you can dreamed of.

We are the best patio builders in Busselton, experts in specialising in different patio design projects like patio covers, verandahs, carports, roofs, and a lot more. Ring us on 9754 2657 to discuss your patio needs. We are your patio people.