Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Garage, Carport, Shed and Patio

Spring cleaning your shedAs the end of winter is near, now is the time to start preparing the outdoor areas around your home for spring. While most outdoor areas can be used all year around, many homeowners reap the full benefit of an outdoor area during the warmer weather. Spring and summer afternoons can be spent enjoying the sea breeze flow through your outdoor space and evenings can be spent watching the sun go down while entertaining family and friends.

Spring cleaning your garage, carport, shed or patio now means it will be ready to be enjoyed when spring arrives. Read on to learn 5 tips to spring clean your garage, carport, shed or patio including:

  • Clear out any unwanted items
  • Clean the space
  • Inspect structure, fittings and furniture
  • Have damages repaired
  • Bring items out of storage

Clear out any unwanted items

Patio spring cleaningLike areas inside our home, outdoor spaces tend to accumulate items. Spring cleaning is a perfect reason to clear out any unwanted items from your outdoor space. Rubbish should be disposed of correctly and recyclable materials and items recycled. Many peoples trash is another mans treasure so considering giving away items which you no longer want.

Clean the space

A thorough clean of your outdoor space should include the floors, doors and walls. Depending on the type of flooring, debris can be swept and the grounds surface washed. Surfaces should be wipes down and cobwebs should be removed including those hiding in those hard to reach places such as cornices too. 

Inspect the structure, fittings and furniture

Regular inspections and repairs of your outdoor area is a must to ensure the safety of you and your family and friends. Winter brings fierce winds and heavy rain which can cause damage to the areas structure and fittings. Remember to also inspect items which may not have been used during the winter months such as a barbeque, patio blinds and outdoor furniture under a patio.

Have damages repaired

Prioritise having any damages repaired. When it comes to repairs, if you aren’t equipped or experienced to do it yourself, it is best to leave them to a professional. What may seem like a minor repair could become more extensive damage if not repaired correctly and it may not be safe for you to attempt repairs on your own.

Bring items out of storage

Caravan PortSpring cleaning is a good time to bring out items that were packed away during winter. Items such as outdoor seating or a barbeque, fishing equipment plus beach umbrellas and paddle boards may have been stored away during winter. Bring these items out of storage and store them in your outdoor space, ready to be enjoyed when the warmer weather arrives.

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