Should you go for a DIY Patio Kit?

flat patioWhen you are about to start a home improvement or renovation project, you are always faced with the question of whether you should do the project yourself or hire a professional.

DIY Kit or Not?

Today most building projects can be DIY, which means you can start from scratch yourself and not have to worry about the installation fees. However, is a DIY kit right for you or should you hire a professional? There is no definite answer to this question.

Why? This is because the answer depends on your capability. If you are handy and understand the fundamentals of building and you have access to construction tools, go for it. You can build your own patio, after all, DIY patio kits are designed for DIY people – you should be able to handle it easily.

Go DIY or Not?

When considering a DIY project there are a few important factors you must remember:

  • Do you have the time?
  • Do you have the skills?
  • Do you have mates that can help?

Do You Have The Time?

Gable patio

Remember DIY projects take longer because you have to do everything yourself, from getting the building approval to ordering the concrete and picking up the DIY kit.

Then there is the actual building or your new patio which will try up all your weekends or use up your holidays.

Do You Have The Skills?

Near enough is not good enough because you have to build your new patio to the council regulations, your patio will be inspected to finish your building permit.

DIY patios take longer to build and in some parts of the building process you may need help to maneuver the large sections.

Do You Have Mates That Can Help?

Do you have suitably skilled mates that can help you lift the large sheets of roofing into place?

If you answered yes to the above questions then a DIY kits for your new patio might be for you.

If not then consider ordering a completely installed patio where everything is done for you.

What About Hiring a Pro?

Should you choose to hire a professional builder to erect your patio, go for it! A professional patio builder will do a better and faster job than you can. This isn’t about who’s better and who’s not, but a professional has been trained and will have their skills down pat.

CPR Patio

An experienced patio builder is your best bet if you want the project to get finished in a short span of time. If you go with the fully installed option then your patio installer will do everything for you from creating the perfect design to building approval, organizing the concrete or decking right through to the final inspection.

DIY or Fully Installed

Whichever way you choose to go for your new patio CPR Outdoor are the people to see. CPR Outdoor Centre supply DIY kits cut to size ready to install as well as full installation options.

For your patio needs, contact CPR Outdoor Centre Bunbury at 08 9726 2311 or
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