What shape patio is best for my home?

Are you thinking of having a patio installed at your home? I bet you are still trying to decide on the perfect patio shape – to suit your needs. Getting the right patio shape is as important as having the perfect patio design. It can contribute to the success of your patio installation. Of course, you want your patio to look great, so you can assure yourself that you made the right decision.

Types of patio shapes

Like patio designs, there are different patio shapes with each of them looking great. This is the main reason why many homeowners have a difficult time choosing which shape is perfect for their patio.

To help you choose the perfect patio shape, here are 3 types of patio shapes that you should know about.

1. Square patios

This is the most common shape of patio. While most homeowners find this shape plain boring, it is often the most practical and cost effective of all patio shapes. Featuring straight edges and a 90 degree angle, it will fit into formal and contemporary style gardens perfectly. This is ideal for entertaining large groups of people.

2. Round patios

This type of patio is also quite popular. Usually, a round patio will feature a focal point at the centre. It can be a circular table, a fountain or a fire pit. There are two kinds of round patios – full circle or half circle design patios. Both round patios will blend naturally into the surrounding landscape since it doesn’t have rough edges and sharp angles to deal with.

3. Free form patios

Free form patios are less predictable. Some free form patios are characterised by sweeping curves while others are in the shape of unpredictable angles. They are usually asymmetrical and have an organic feel making them a great option for informal gardens and settings. Perfect for tying different areas of your home and making odd shaped areas between your house and fence into a wonderful useable area.

What shape patio is best for my home?

So, what will your patio shape be? If you are still not sure about your options, contact CPR Outdoor Centre for all your patio needs. We can help you decide what shape is best for your home with our free advice on your patio and can arrange an onsite visit too. Ring CPR Outdoor Centre today for a free quote.